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 TKO ARHC® Suspension

Active Ride Height Control System®.

Track tested in the harshest competition environments.

+ Improved handling and performance
+ “Track”, “Street” and “Load” ride-height adjustments
+ Rebuildable and Revalveable
+ Dyno sheets provided with every shock
+ Track Legal
+ Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the USA

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TKO Motorsports News & Updates

1941 Willys

The 1941 Willy’s is a legendary drag racing platform so at TKO Motorsports it only made sense to build one of the most radical versions to ever hit the street. We started with a full chromoly tube chassis powered by a Sonny Leonard 811 pump gas motor that produces over 1500 horsepower...

TKO Podiums in INDY – GT America

TKO Practice Session Clip on Youtube The team at TKO Motorsports travelled to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 2021 GT America Season Finale. Practice went well for Driver Memo Gidley and the 101 TKO Motorsports Continental GT3, with a few adjustments we brought our lap times down to 1:37.1 for...
Porsche Pirelli Trophy West 10/12/19 – 10/13/19

Porsche Pirelli Trophy West 10/12/19 – 10/13/19

The results are in and the TKO Team had a great weekend at the Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, CA. Placing 3rd both Saturday and Sunday in the Porsche Trophy West diamond class in the Porsche GT3-R. RESULTS Race Day Overall Place Place in Class Number of Laps Overall Time...

TKO Motorsports Does It Again!

TKO Motorsports Does It Again!

TKO Motorsports would like to congratulate Ted Taormina from Taormina Imports for holding the record for the world’s fastest Cobra clocking in at 201.1 mph. The car achieved this record with the assistance of our high performance Active Ride Height Control system...


TKO Motorsports designs, manufactures, installs and races our own proprietary line of track proven, street legal performance products.

Since 2008 TKO Motorsports of Reno, NV has produced some of the most extreme custom built, street legal cars in the world. Follow us as we expand into the retail market with a new line of off-the-shelf TKO parts and accessories.


Innovation and superior build quality goes into all of our track proven performance products. In conjunction with both manufacturing, installation, and unmatched product support TKO Motorsports offers custom builds, metal fabrication and finishing services. Let us know what you need.


TKO Motorsports races in SRO GT America for the 2021 Racing Season. We are bringing the pressure with a mid-season entry in the 101 TKO Motorsports Bentley Continental GT3 and Driver Memo Gidley. 

Dodge Viper

Performance Products

TKO Motorsports is currently offering and expanding our line of high performance suspension, engine, drivetrain, body, chassis and performance products for 2003-2017 Dodge Vipers.

Check back as we continue to update our website with product, service and ordering information. Click image thumbnails for product previews, stop by the TKO Motorsports pit at one of our events and follow us online for product release information, test results, and additional event attendance throughout the year.

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