Audi R8 First Gen (2006-2015) Adjustable Sway Bar Links


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TKO Motorsports Adjustable Sway Bar End Links are a simple to install for an increase in performance for your Audi R8. Sway bars work properly if you can “neutralize” the sway bar and remove any “preload”. This simply means when your Audi R8 is sitting at ride height you can adjust the sway bar link until it is loose, “no preload” or “neutralized”. This will allow your Audi R8 to perform correctly without influence from the sway bar when traveling on a straightaway. With your sway bar “neutralized,” your Audi R8 will be more predictable upon corner entry and more balanced mid corner and on the corner exit.

Kit comes complete with:

  • Complete set; front and rear adjustable sway bar links
  • Anodized aluminum adjustable turn buckles
  • Stainless-steel jam nuts
  • Greaseable joints
  • All necessary hardware for a simple installation


This product is build to order


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in