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Now is the time to upgrade your suspension with TKO Motorsports high-performance, race proven Active Ride Height Control System® (ARHC®). Our ARHC® system easily raises and lowers your car with the press of a button which is ideal for loading and unloading when using ramps, as well as negotiating driveways, curbs, and speed bumps (just to name a few).
Our track proven performance of our shock is extremely fast acting due to advanced primary piston design. Nitrogen charged maximizing consistency, performance and longevity. Wide range of compression and rebound adjustment with minimal input. Rebound adjustments act directly on shock piston reducing shock reaction times dramatically. Minimized parasitic friction loss and breakaway in shock piston and seals. Rebound and compression adjustments are accurate and stable even during temperature fluctuations. Dynamic compression and rebound adjustments optimizing handling, decreasing shock response times which improves mechanical grip and driver confidence. Lightweight with emphasis on durability and longevity. Race proven and championship winning performance. 100% made in the USA. All shocks are completely rebuildable. Custom shock packages available for all applications; competition road course, autocross, standing mile or drag racing. TKO Motorsports ARHC® system is track tested and proven on the most rigorous tracks and compliant enough for daily street use.


  • 2 Front double adjustable coil-overs with ARHC® and springs
  • 2 Rear double adjustable coil-overs with ARHC® and springs
  • 1 ARHC® self-contained sealed power unit (7”x7”x11”)
  • 1 Complete hardware installation kit specific to each model vehicle

This product is build to order

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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 18 in