TKO’s RINI Driver Cooling System Helmet and Cool Shirt Prototype


Prototype system and build to order

About TKO’s RINI Driver Cooling System Helmet and Cool Shirt:

  1. TKO Motorsports universal mounting. Fits most racecars passenger door bars. Custom mounts available for specific applications
  2. The Rini cooling system is completely self-contained.
  3. Carbon fiber cool air intake and exhaust ducting one piece for RINI cooling system
  4. Inline helmet cooler allows easier mounting, better acess for vehicle service and better weight distribution then other driver cooling systems
  5. System allows 20-40 degress decrease in air temp to helmet and cooling water to shirt
  6. Total weight of complete system is 14.8lbs
  7. Smallest and most effective driver cooling system available on the market today
  8. Easy and quick maintenance of cooling system.