1971 Chevrolet Nova

The TKO Motorsports 1971 Chevrolet Nova is best described as a well-mannered serial killer. With an all steel body, a street legal chassis and meticulous craftsmanship down to the power lexan windows, the Nova produces 1705 horsepower on 91 octane pump gas and over 2500 hp on nitrous. Powered by a 940 cu. in. Sonny Leonard motor with the proprietary TKO Motorsports cooling system capable of maintaining proper running temperatures for street driven, large displacement mountain motors, the Nova is capable of both extended cruising and blistering quarter mile passes.


Build Sheet:

  • TKO Motorsports Chromoly Tube Chassis / 4-Link Rear Suspension
  • TKO Motorsports / Sonny’s 940 cu in motor w/ 2x stages of nitrous
  • TH400 Transmission & Mark Williams 11″ differential – customized for extended street driving
  • Big Stuff fuel injection & MSD grid ignition and power management.
  • TKO Motorsports Touch Screen Control Panel
  • TKO Motorsports 321 Stainless Headers (2.75″ Primaries)
  • TKO Motorsports Fuel Delivery System
  • TKO Motorsports Custom Engine, Transmission & Oil Cooing Systems


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