2017 Dodge Viper

The 2017 Dodge Viper “TKO Track Demon” Edition


TKO Dodge Viper Build Sheet:

  • Double Adjustable TKO Coil-Over Suspension System on all 4 corners with ARHC Suspension System Integration 
  • Arrow Race Engines 9.0 L – 850hp N/A
  • TKO Motorsports true high flow filter element intake system
  • Factory Dodge 6 speed manual transmission with moto dual disc carbon clutch
  • Factory limited slip differential with our own TKO Motorsports cooling system
  • TKO Motorsports custom mfg linear rate coil springs
  • Factory control arms with TKO Motorsports graphite control arm bushings
  • TKO Motorsports red line advanced down force front splitter with low drag cable stays
  • Factor ACR wing with TKO Motorsports advanced downforce wing end plates
  • TKO Motorsports advanced down force extended diffuser strakes
  • TKO Motorsports 10lb fire system with carbon fiber trunk mounting plate
  • Seat belts— TKO Motorsports/Impact 6 point FIA legal harness system
  • TKO Motorsports 2.250” adjustable seat lowering kits
  • TKO Motorsports 6- point racing seat belt kits
  • TKO Motorsports differential and engine cooling unit
  • TKO Motorsports front aerodynamic big hole tow hook
  • TKO Motorsports rear no drag flip down tow hook
  • TKO Motorsports Braille light weight battery conversion kit

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