No open track days on the schedule for 60 days, PLAN B=KARTS… the closest thing that us average mere mortal amateur drivers will ever get to the feeling of violence and speed of an F1, Indy or LMP 1 car. Karts are the best training tool used by all professional drivers to keep their skills sharp in the off-season and between races.
We all know that real deal Racing Karts aren’t exactly financially feasible for most of us amateur drivers, but there are alternatives to get some Kart seat time. Indoor Kart tracks, rental programs, week night kart, arrive and drive racing leagues are all easily accessible now in most areas. Indoor Karts and all Karting for that matter are based on scale speed vs. reaction time. Any Karting is a good way to help us amateurs sharpen up our skills and get faster at the track without cutting into our wallet.