Being amateur drivers, we all have to punch a time clock, so time for physical training is a precious commodity. Training and gym workouts don’t have to be pushing iron or endlessly running on a tread mill. Riding mountain bikes, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and martial arts all are great forms of cardio, strength and brain training that can benefit you at the track and don’t cost much, but they can be time consuming. If your schedule is extremely limited there is still hope. 1-hour workouts 2-3 times per week are perfect. You don’t need to be pushing iron or endlessly running on tread mill. Reaction drills and core strength drills work great. In the motorsports world the kings and queens of these types of drills are Motocross riders. There are many sites and articles showing reaction and strength drill torture tests used by professional motocross riders. I can tell you from personal experience that these torture drills are the quickest and best 1-hour, bang for the buck, open track training drills you can do. Here are a few simple torture drills:
1. Balance on a bosu ball in a full squat while bouncing and catching a tennis ball for 2 minutes.
2. Basketball push-ups. One hand on ground one on ball. Do a push up and then roll the ball over to the other hand and do another push up.
3. Single leg push-ups, keeping hips level. No hip movement.
4. Burpees, mountain climbers, and spider crawls
5. Martial arts jumping jacks (3 jumps=1)