Tire pressure bleeders release pressure that builds up as your tires increase in temperature. The idea behind tire pressure bleeders is to keep a constant optimum tire pressure, which in turn gives you maximum grip from the tire. Tire pressure bleeders have been around the Motorsports world for about 30 years now and just about every sanctioning body has outlawed them for safety reasons. Some dirt track and asphalt racing organizations do allow them. But only use them if you have low tire pressures, shorter races and a crew to monitor and inspect them. When you’re trying to beat 40 other cars and your lap times are 30-40 seconds, you’re playing with tenths of a second, tire bleeders may give you that tenth of a second you’re looking for.
Cons with tire pressure bleeders
1. Bleeders were not designed for DOT street tire pressures
2. Any debris in the tire can cause bleeders to plug and fail
3. Tire pressure bleeder failure=WRECK
4. They won’t make you measurably faster on a road course, hill climb or autocross track