Bringing back the TKO Track Tips and Tweaks with 10 ways to get faster and go faster

1.If you’re a serious amateur driver competing in a series, fitness is a huge part of going faster. Cardio, strength training, reaction drills and stretching will all help you get faster and go faster.

2.Professional Driver Training. 500-800.00 per day may sound like a lot of money but the cost per second of improvement from pro driver training is a far cheaper method than any go fast parts you can purchase to produce the same results.

3.Data acquisition/ on-board data. These days good on-board data systems are incredibly cheap. From simple Go pros, and AIM SOLO, to the new more advanced Garmin Catalyst. These tools are great ways to get an idea of what you’re doing right and wrong and where you can improve.

4.Basic good old-fashioned car set up. Nut bolt, balance, camber, caster, toe, aero. Your car is like your dance partner, if you can’t lead your partner, have fun and be comfortable you’re just stepping on your own feet.

5.Karting is by far the best training tool available to any driver. F1 drivers to amateurs use karts as a training tool. Relative to running your car on track karting is the best bargain going; but it may not be cheap and simple for many of us on a strict racing or track budget.

6.Race notes/ logging your data. Pen and paper, notebook, or TKO motorsports set up sheets which are free to any TKO customer. If you have notes on what didn’t work, it’s much easier to figure out what does work

7.Tire pressures. Correct hot and cold tire pressures, Nitrogen in tires

8.Comfort. If you’re not personally comfortable you can never be fast. Proper fitting helmet, driving suit, shoes and gloves all play a part.

9.Smooth. One of the easiest ways to go faster many times is just to slow down and be smooth

10.Never compromise on safety. Motorsports are extremely dangerous compromising safety to go faster is always a recipe for disaster.

11.Practice makes perfect. Any seat time is good seat time

We’re back next week with more Track tips and tweaks… thank you to Bob Auto Sport Images for the photo.